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vibration feed plate
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vibration feed plate


The components of the vibration plate:

Vibrating plate is a kind of automatic directional sorting feeding equipment. The composition of the vibrating plate: hopper, chassis, controller, linear feeder, and other supporting components, in addition to meet the product order

Can also sort, test, count is a modern high-tech products.

Vibration plate is widely used in batteries, hardware, electronics, medicine, food, connectors, potentiometers, zippers, watches, toys, furniture, size screws and so on. It is a necessary equipment to solve the supply of industrial automation equipment.

Vibration plate is used for assembly, testing, screening, counting, sorting and other procedures.

Vibrating plate is an auxiliary device of automatic assembly machinery. It can discharge all kinds of products in order. He assembles all parts of the product together with automatic assembly equipment to become a complete product.

Vibration plate works:

The automatic feeding vibratory plate is an automatic directional sorting feeding device, and the purpose of the work is to arrange disorderly workpieces automatically and orderly and orderly through vibration, and accurately convey to the next process. There is a pulsating electromagnet below the automatic feeding hopper, which can make Hopper vertical automatic hopper parts, due to vibration, and rise along the spiral track until sent to the discharge port. Linear feeders can be customized according to customer needs a variety of models of linear feeders, can be customized according to product requirements.


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