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Cylinder Paper feeder machine
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Cylinder Paper feeder machine


Table 1 Cylinder Paper feeder machine

Max. paper size 300*420mm
Min. paper size 210*120mm
Paper madel 90~500g
Feeder paper speed 0-30张/分钟
Place paper high 520mm
Power 1kw
voltage 220v/50Hz
net weight 170kg
Machine size  1200*780*1000mm
package size 1370*815*1040mm


1. Automatic cylinder suction cup feeding machine and testing equipment, cutting equipment, packaging equipment and other supporting combinations to achieve automatic feeding function.

2. The paper feeding machine adopts PLC control system. According to the main equipment signal feeding, the operation is stable and reliable, and the paper feeding speed is fastest 2 seconds per sheet.

3. When the paper feed fails, the equipment automatically stops and outputs a fault signal to the main equipment system. There is an emergency stop switch on the equipment and the operation panel can directly deal with paper jams and other faults.

4, the device uses a voltage of 220v, built-in vacuum pump, to meet the requirements of the separation of paper feeding their own work.

5, the equipment applies 90 ~ 500g paper, paper does not need to adjust the replacement, different paper size adjustment is convenient, adjust the position of a marking scale.

6, the loading station pallet automatically rises up the paper, the maximum loading paper thickness of 52CM.

7, the device can be configured with a small amount of paper alarm function; can be configured to work normally when the paper change, no need to stop, direct paper plus non-stop plus paper function.


Note: The equipment needs to be connected to a compressed air source. Please provide your own air compressor (air compressor/air pump)!


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