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auto screw machine
Product Name:
auto screw machine


Table 1 auto screw machine main technical parameters

Locking screw space X/Y/Z(mm)


Locking screw time

0.8 ~ 1.2 seconds / grain (single mode speed)

Repeat accuracy


Program recording mode

15 groups (99 points per group)

Display mode

LCD man-machine meeting 7"

Motor System

Precision Stepper Motor

Transmission method

timing belt / precision linear guide

Input power


Working gas source


Edit mode

man-machine interview

Working environment temperature


Working environment humidity


Applicable lock screw size

M2~M4 (screw length no more than 16MM)

Mechanical dimensions


Mechanical weight



The scope of products:

Small household appliances, electronic products, instrumentation, LED lamps, communications equipment, toys and other lock screw technology.



* Direct-feed / vacuum suction / magnetic suction screw structure, to achieve fast feed automatic locking screws.

* Dual-mode independently locks two (or same) products simultaneously to achieve a more efficient working mode

* Support for missing lock/slippery/floating tooth alarm function

* Support pre-post-fetch or pre-fetch pre-adjustment

* Support auto-sensing start operation function


Please click the link to see product video:

Double head automatic screw machine:
One head automatic screw machine