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automatic glue dispensing machine 1
Product Name:
automatic glue dispensing machine 1

  This machine needs to connect compressed air, please user to prepare air compressor! !

Table 1 automatic glue dispensing machine main technical parameters


single station

four stations

eight stations

Processing stations




Repeat accuracy


Drive System

Stepper Motor + Gear

Working table rotating diameter



2 seconds / month

Programming method

touch screen

The fastest rotation speed

1080 degrees / second

Air supply requirements

pressure 0.4~0.7MPa

Input power supply

AC220V 800W 50/60Hz

Working environment

temperature 0~40; humidity 20~90%



Equipment weight



Easy to use and practical:

1, according to the size of the product and glue fluidity to adjust the flow rate of glue and take the rotational speed, adjustable rotation angle, anti-drawing rotation angle;

2, the product is easy to change from top to bottom but can accurately position;

3, according to the operating process to adjust the interval time, to achieve the cycle work.

Efficient, high quality and stable:

1. Taking the bulb lamp dispensing as an example, the efficiency of a machine is two to three, which not only improves the efficiency for the enterprise but also reduces the cost.

2. The machine operates stably, and the glue is even and stable to ensure the consistency of the product. At the same time, it also improves the market competitiveness of the enterprise and the product.

3, automatic quantitative positioning with back suction function: plastic precision, accurate positioning; point a good product to another product will not evacuate the process of empty space, not only saves glue will not soil the machine table.


    Not only can all bulbs, spotlights, cups and lamps be universally used, but it can also be applied to all circular dispensing glue products.

Suitable for industries: bonding, encapsulation, coating and coating of round products such as bulb/horn/motor/watch.

Suitable for glue: glass glue, silicone glue, silicone rubber, red glue, yellow glue, silver paste, ultraviolet curing glue, lubricating oil, epoxy resin, silicone resin and other materials.


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