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LED bulb automatic production line
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LED bulb automatic production line


1. The LED bulb light assembly equipment is suitable for LED bulbs. The specification of the sample provided by the user automatically assembles the lamp head, trimmer, pressure needle, automatic glue injection, and shell assembly. The structural design is simple, effective, and reliable. Can reduce a lot of workers, efficiency and quality are higher. 

2. This equipment is suitable for automatic assembly of LED bulbs, and the specific assembly steps require production according to user requirements;

3. The LED bulb assembly equipment belongs to precision production machinery. The consistency of raw materials directly affects the operation of the machinery and the product qualification rate. Therefore, there is a large size and characteristic requirements for the production of component materials, and it is best to use a supplier. Material purchases materials according to technical drawings. 

4. Equipment work requirements:
4.1 The working environment of the equipment requires a clean (independent work area) and insists on daily cleaning from time to time, plus oil lubrication.
4.2 The equipment supply gas source is clean, avoid water, oil and other impurities into the pneumatic system, the pressure reaches more than 0.6MPa; supply three-phase five-wire power supply, power 2KW.
4.3 Since most of the work is implemented by machinery, it is inseparable from maintenance. The user arranges the relevant technicians to regularly maintain the equipment in production according to the actual situation after the manufacturer's instructional training. 


Common bulb specifications: E14, E27, B22, GU10 and other specifications


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