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Aging line equipment 1
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Aging line equipment 1


The basic configuration and structure of the aging line:


1. Power: The motor uses inverter 0.75KW/380V motor, WPSA50-80 1:300 reducer, YT/1HP inverter, variable frequency stepless speed, linear speed 0-6M/min adjustable.

2. Fuselage, frame: The frame is made of 40×40×1.5mm steel pipe welded; the fuselage uses 80×23×2mm aging line special aluminum alloy profile, and the protective plate is made by 1.2mm cold plate bending. Into the foot with galvanized adjustable foot cup. 0-7CM adjustable.

3. Conveyor chain: The C212 inch double pitch single ear high strength double-hole chain produced by the Hangzhou Chain Factory. Each is 10 meters long.

4. Chain plate: 1.5mm cold plate rolled into 148 × 800 × 20mm, a total of 112 blocks (in terms of how much the actual assembly), each board mounted four five-clamp E27 Luokou lampholders, and equipped with High-breaking miniature circuit breakers; two conductive systems are installed at the bottom of the chain plate, and two conductive copper blocks are installed in each circuit, and two plates are installed in each.

5. Conductive groove: full line and left and right two-way conductive groove rail, using high-quality PVC insulation pads, assembly 1.1mm × 25 × 50 stainless steel aging special conductive track

6. Light-blocking dust cover: Light body dust cover is set on the body surface and made of cold plate. Effectively attenuate the light of energy-saving lamps, better protect eyes and prevent the entry of dust.

7. Detection beat circuit: Any zone 1 is the life-time aging control zone, and the switch impact time is adjustable.

8. Full line voltage area: AC/10KW total 4 self-operated regulators (Tianzheng), line body designed a total of 6 zones, 3 regulators 0-250V adjustable, 1 regulator 0-300V can be Tuning, low voltage area (90V-170V, low voltage and strong current aging for lamp), normal pressure area (210V-230V, constant voltage detection for lamp, test light, aging), high voltage area (270V-300V, The lamp performs high-voltage and low-current aging, and the cyclic switch current conducts impact detection. The switch current time can be adjusted through the double delay time relay. The entire aging cycle flow pattern is as follows: Atmospheric pressure area --- high pressure area --- impact area ---- atmospheric pressure area --- back to the area under the lampless operation.

9. Power Design: The full line input design is 380V4 line 20KVA, and the output is 220V single phase 60KVA. The normal no-load operation consumes about 1KW. The actual production power consumption is determined by the power of the aging product.

10. Electrical control: The voltage and indication are digital display type. The whole system adopts PLC and color touch screen control. There are 4 voltage regulators and 1 distribution control cabinet is used for installation. Pull on the body with an emergency stop switch to stop the lamp in time.

11. Body color: The whole chain plate is black sprayed, aluminum alloy profiles are the primary colors, and the rest are computer white sprays.