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Pneumatic folding machine
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Pneumatic folding machine


Table 1 Pneumatic folding machine main technical parameters


Finished Size

Finished Thickness


Feed Mode

Control System

Power Supply


approx. 40*40mm





AC220V 60W


DL-JY01 Pneumatic Feeder is a manual paper-feeding and easy-to-operate light folding machine. It can solve the problem that traditional multi-layer folding machines can no longer use traditional folding machines for folding and require manual folding. Instead of hand-folding, saving manpower and improving efficiency, the operation is simpler.


Widely used in small electrical appliances, LED bulbs and other industry manual folding.


High quality interior design

1.The equipment power supply 220V, control power supply DC24V, built-in switching power supply conversion voltage, safe and reliable;

2.Imported miniature sensors and well-known brands of pneumatic components.

3.Using stepper motor drive, high quality synchronous belt drive.

4.PLC operating system, smooth transmission, more accurate origami.

5.The equipment adopts steel or stainless steel structure surface spray or baking paint treatment, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance.

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