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E27 bulb automatic production equipment
Product Name:
E27 bulb automatic production equipment

 led bulb automatic production equipment
Table 1: The main technical parameters of the equipment 


Control System


Rivet Material

Number lock pin

Power Supply











Product Features:
1, automatic rivet feed;
2, lamp automatic locking;
3, LED lights test light;

1. Put the rivets into the tray, the equipment automatically send rivets according to the work.
2. Automatic riveting and locking: When the machine detects the insertion of the lamp cap, it automatically presses the rivet and locks it.
3. Test light function: test can not light bulbs out, so as not to flow into the next process.
4. Only one person to operate, to complete the work of 1500 to 1800 bulbs per hour, high yield. Working eight hours a day, four months can be recover the cost of buying the machine.
5. Using pneumatic working principle, PLC program control system, the total power of the machine less than 500W, saving electricity costs, easy-to-understand mode of operation so that each employee can operate.

1. Stuck rivets probability is very low: the machine has a sensor to detect the location and shape of rivets, pneumatic automatic correction mechanism, the rivet is not in place to automatically correct or directly blown away. If the rivet is not in place or go wrong, will not be nail locking process, so as to minimize the rejection rate. The whole detection and correction process independently, does not affect the equipment work speed.
2. 2. Machine standard setting processing time is about 1.5 seconds / unit, the work speed in accordance with the workers into and remove the bulb proficiency,Normal operation of the fastest up to 1500-1800 per hour.

This model can replace the mold to produce the following lamp specifications: E14, E27, B22 and so on.

Front of the machine

Back of the machine