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Auto Paper Feeder Machine
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Auto Paper Feeder Machine


Table 1 Feeder machine main technical parameters

Max. paper size 460*600mm
Min. paper size 210*150mm
Paper madel 90~500g
Feeder paper speed 0-65Pc/min
Place paper high 520mm
Power 1kw
voltage 220v/50Hz
net weight 170kg
Machine size  1200*780*1000mm
package size 1370*815*1040mm


1.Vacuum suction feed mode,  and Lamination machine,  Labeling Machine and other supporting linkage: save labor and improve efficiency.

2.Can choose intermittent or Continuous feed, Other models can be customized

3.Paper automatically rise, the maximum paper thickness of 45CM.

4.Paper platen lift safety limit function, optional paperless alarm system.

5.Height-adjustable paper Spit position, to solve the gap between the equipment.


Auto Paper feeder machine
Auto Paper feeder machine

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