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photo album making machine
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photo album making machine

photo album making machine

Table 1: The main technical parameters of the equipment 

Creasing width 510mm Creasing paper 100~550g
Trimming width 510mm Trimming thickness 5cm
Trimming size 550×400mm Pressing heigth 20cm
Temperature range 0~100°C Cutting width  460mm
Cutter thickness 5cm Cutting accuracy less than 0.1mm(infrared collation)
Power supply  AC220V/50H Power 3KW
 Corner cutter  R3~R10可选 Album cover size 18inches-24 inches 
Grooving width 520mm Cover corner cutting size  40mm*40mm
NW/GW 385kg /420kg Machine size 1280*780*1250
Packing size 1400*850*1320 Package Plywood case 

This applies to albums, recipes, and other fine album hardcover book production, market acceptance, the process is simple.
Brief description:
  The main function of the device has a semi-automatic album produced album: indentation, finishing, heating flattened, cold flat, CNC cutter, cut the fillet, automatic cover production, cover the pressure tank and other functions.
1, user-friendly design: multi-directional platform can operate, the main function of the platform are ergonomic design features allow the operator plus the length of time the work is more comfortable, to solve the traditional photo album combined device easy operation staff standing sore feet problem of fatigue, sitting work permit does not guarantee the quality of the album, and work long hours also easily tired.
2, the indentation function with electric positioning, real-time display position size, the operation is more quick and easy.
3, sorting features intuitive design, more convenient operation, can be clearly observed in the production of all the details of the product.
4. Automatic cover production, positioning is simple, automatic edging machine with glue, making a cover only takes a few seconds. The quality of the finished cover Volume better side bit firm, no bubbles, voids.
5, the tear-off function CNC cutter, infrared control, cut out refined products.
6, aluminum design indentation knife marks can be pressed out fine road, difficult section.
7, with cold and hot flat machine configuration.
8, stereotypes pressure groove hardcover books, temperature, pressure, pressure trough position can adjust according to the requirements set text printing industry.
9, digital temperature controller, accurate temperature control, with lighting instructions, simple operation, automatic temperature control, low energy consumption and easy maintenance.

Front of the machine

side face of the machine