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27 inch Embossing Laminator machine
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27 inch Embossing Laminator machine

27 inch Embossing Laminator machine

Table 1: The main technical parameters of the equipment
laminating width 720mm
working speed 5m/min
Temperature range 0~150C
 Power 2kw  
Power supply AC220V/50HZ
 N.W./G.W. 116kg/130kg
machine size 960*780*610mm
packing size 1020*870*740mm
Package wooden case

This machine is widely used in modern marriage gauze, art photography, computer painting and calligraphy and painting, posters, advertising pictures, pictures and documents etc
Advantages ( or characteristics)
1. Independent heating system, can the hot framed film and the cold framed film(or can hot and cold laminated)
2. Made grain system configuration,can printed out decorative and fashionable pattern (Welcome to order grain)
3. Automatic roll paper receiver function,improve the working Efficiency
4. Independent Insulation system,make sure to continuous normal work in cold weather and working long time
5. To be automatic expansion work platform convenient into paper.

Front of the machine

Back of the machine

More details of the Machine

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