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1600mm UV Coating Machine
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1600mm UV Coating Machine

1600mm UV Coating Machine

Table 1: The main technical parameters of the equipment
The largest film speed     10 m/min
Warm up time     30 s
In the paper      manual
The power supply    AC220V / 50 hz
The film material thickness 0.2 ~ 2 mm
power 6.3 KW
The minimum width of paper 10 cm
The weight of the machine 380 kg
The biggest paper width 1600 mm
The machine size 202 * 112 * 111 cm
Drying way Ultraviolet (UV)
Packing size 210 * 121 * 127 cm
Mode of operation electric
The packing method Packed in wooden cases


DL - A1600 desktop series laminating machine is a new, easy to operate the compact industrial special laminating machine, equipped with spiral control device and automatic cycle oil filling system, designed for small batch digital print film.Its adjustable film system (machines built film roller group) and tabular format and performance can be applied to all kinds of book material assignments - digital printing paper laminating film and gelatine printing paper film.Speed per hour the maximum performance of the machine for 10 m/min.

* suitable for large indoor and outdoor advertising printing surface protection (car), wallpaper, wallpaper) output after surface protection, strengthen and improve the picture scratch resistance, instead of the traditional cold framed traditional laminating.Film high clarity, gloss, strong, environmental protection, waterproof, moisture-proof, deformation, instead of traditional cold mounting technology, cost at 0.3 yuan per square metre, improve work efficiency.
* suitable for professional customers, advertising printing industry production material widely used, such as the back glue paper, PP paper, body stick, plate printing materials, PVC, paper, crystal glass, MuZhu materials, leather, acrylic and other art film.
* solve traditional cold framed for clients to reduce costs is high, easy to blister, a waste of time, high false positives, easy to fall off.

Elaborate appearance design.
* cover an area of an area small, can save the freight cost for the user and the machine takes up less space.
* simple operation, a change before operation trival, the characteristics of the heavy machine.
The interior design of high quality
* choose Taiwan toho control motor, people electrical appliance or a preferred well-known brands such as electrical components.
* conveyor belt is made of high quality rubber wheel drive, do not run partial deformation, the infinite speed adjustment.
* scrape ink dedicated high elastic alloy steel scraper blade, without cleaning the bottom stick everyday, long service life.
* machine adopts turbine worm design, to ensure the same into between rubber roller, make the film thickness uniformity, can according to need to adjust the required effect.
* choose high quality lamp, lamp room forced heat removal, extend the lamp life, protect the goods not heat deformation.
* group control the tubes, according to the actual need to open the lamp quantity, more energy saving and loss reduction tubes.
* body surface, elegant appearance, corrosion resistant coating or baking lacquer to handle.
The production cost is low
* precision roller design, uniform film effects, film cost between 0.35 to 0.50 yuan/sq.
Use and features:
* film curing time is short, high production efficiency.
* film speed per hour for 200-400 square laminating, USES the automatic rehydration system, waste liquid circulation using lossless, fluid replacement fast and convenient.
* after laminating dustproof, waterproof, wear-resisting, no scratches, particles and stereo sense is strong, good toughness.
* ultraviolet light isolation curing, drying speed is fast, safe.
* after the film to achieve high hardness on the surface of the coating, the effect of friction resistance and high gloss, finished product waterproof, moistureproof, prevent ageing, prevent ultraviolet ray, and non-destructive images, can be repeatedly film.
* there's a light at the end of the film and dumb light, with a light film liquid leaching effect surface light, colour and lustre is gorgeous, the line is clear, with the effect of the matte film liquid leaching not reflective surface, noble and elegant, stable and beautiful.