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Professional Manufacture Album Polishing and Gilding Machine
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Professional Manufacture Album Polishing and Gilding Machine

Professional Manufacture Album Polishing and Gilding Machine  


Table 1: The main technical parameters of the equipment 

Model DL-L420MT


Max Working width  



Max Working thickness.




Temperature range 


Gilding speed


Power supply






Machine size



Plywood case


Use range:

This machine is suitable for photo album, color card side bronzing, playing card side bronzing, notebook/desk calendar/book side bronzing, medal/wood support/high density board side wood grain transfer, frameless picture sealing, porcelain surface , Door core board/door cover board/door cover line/door edge decorative seam process, seamless thermal transfer, market approval, simple process. 


Brief description of edging and hot stamping machine:


1. Touch screen control, directly input product products, automatic positioning of the rear push plate, repeat accuracy 0.1mm.

2. Use both hands to press the product to be processed to prevent hands from being caught.


3. It will automatically dissipate heat after shutdown, and the hot stamping head will automatically cut off the power when the temperature drops below 50℃ to protect and extend the service life of the hot stamping head.


4. The machine is small in size, comfortable and simple to operate, and easy to maintain and adjust.



1. Electric sandpaper edging and automatic dust exhaust system.

2. Easy to replace sandpaper, economical and practical.

3. Pneumatic double cylinders compress the album.

4. Smooth and fast.


1. Automatic temperature control system, only need 15 minutes to heat up.

2. The hot stamping plastic roller is heat-insulated, and the hot stamping head box is equipped with a manual quick heat dissipation system to avoid overheating and burning of the hot stamping head during power failure or emergency stop.

3. Automatic lifting mechanism for bronzing paper; automatic telescopic mechanism for bronzing head, electric recovery of bronzing waste paper, simple and no waste.

4. Double positioning, high efficiency in mass production.

5. High degree of automation, the bronzing head retractable mechanism; after the book is put into the book, it will automatically walk and bronz.



6. The bronzing pressure is adjustable, making it easier to adjust when changing materials.

Product front

Side Face



Operation video: