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14 Inch Desktop UV Coating Machine
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14 Inch Desktop UV Coating Machine

14 inch Desktop UV Coating Machine

Table 1: The main technical parameters of the equipment 
coating width
coating thickness
coating speed
drying way
ultraviolet rays
operation way
machine size
packing size 
wooden case

DL-A380 Desktop Series Laminating Machine is a compact industrial laminating machine dedicated a new and easy to operate, with a screw-type adjustment device and automatically fill oil circulating systems, designed for low-volume digital print lamination design. Its adjustable lamination system (machine built lamination roller set), layout and performance suitable for a variety of books like material lamination job - a variety of digital and offset printing paper laminating paper lamination. The maximum performance of the machine per hour running speed 12m / min.

Sophisticated designs
1. Small footprint, eliminates the need for users to freight costs, the whole space of 0.3 cubic meters.
2. Simple operation, a change in the past complicated operation, heavy machine features.
3. The automatic intelligent circulatory system, reduce consumption and trouble frequently added lamination of liquid fuel.

High-quality interior design
1. Toho speed motors used in Taiwan, the people, or a good electrical and other famous brands electrical components.
2. The conveyor belt made of high quality rubber wheel drive, not wandering deformation, stepless.
3. scraping ink dedicated high elasticity alloy steel scraper blade, customers use the machine more convenient, without daily cleaning the bottom of the photo at the bottom of the stick will not let oil stains. Increase production speed, long life of the machine.
4. The machine adopts worm designed to ensure that between the rubber roller into the same, so that lamination thickness, can be adjusted according to the desired effect.
5. The selection of high quality and efficient lamp, lamp room compulsory heat, extend lamp life, protect the goods will not heat deformation.
6. The cabinet surface spray or paint treatment, beautiful, corrosion-resistant.

Low production costs

Precision roller design, lamination effect uniform lamination costs 0.35-0.50 yuan / square.

Range and features
Application materials UV Laminating machine widely: as adhesive paper, PP paper, car stickers, flat printed materials, PVC, paper, crystal glass, wood and bamboo materials, leather, acrylic, and other artistic lamination. ʱ??
1. Laminating short curing time, high production efficiency.
2. Laminating speed Laminating 200-400 square feet per hour, with automatic refilling system, no loss of liquid waste recycling, liquid replacement quick and easy.
3. Laminating dustproof and waterproof, wear no scratches, particles, and three-dimensional sense of strong, good toughness.
The UV-curable optical isolation, drying speed, security.
5. coated surface after lamination to achieve high hardness, high gloss abrasion effect, finished water, moisture, aging, UV, and non-destructive image, it can be used repeatedly lamination.
6. There are light and matte lamination points, with light lamination liquid leaching out of the effect of the surface bright, colorful, clear lines, with matt lamination liquid leaching out of the effect of the surface is not reflective, elegant, athletic appearance.

Widely used in photo prints, print, photo, inkjet, Cheb, book covers, pictures, calendars, cards, product samples, packaging cartons of surface lamination.

Front of the machine

More details of the Machine

Coating and coating embossing effect 

 Sample of finished products

 glossy products

Uv Coating Machine

grain products

Spot Uv Coating Machine

 Spot Uv Coating Machine

Consumables:  UV Varnish

Spot Uv Coating Machine


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