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Discriminant analysis coating and Laminating

Distinction and Analysis lamination and coating

       lamination is also known as "a plastic", "lamination", "film" and refers to a transparent plastic with plastic film attached to the printed surface covered by hot or cold, protect and increase the gloss effect in the studio industry . There are two kinds of cold laminating films and mounted heat-mounted film.
       Thin hot film, also known as plastic film, the plastic film one side is coated with heat melt glue, using special machine hot laminate film on the paper surface, mounted film after a long paper to save time, low demand for paper usually used in the printing industry, wedding and card field, heat-mounted with its low price, convenience, superior quality and widely praised by users. Heat-mounted after years of development, it has not yet been replaced by other mounted membrane process. Heat-mounted film Material used is divided into two kinds of light and matte effect, mounted equipment costs about 0.8 yuan / square, the disadvantage is the effect of a single, can only form a protective layer of smooth, warm and along with its principles can not make decisions all kinds of tricks lines effect (thermal deformation of the film can not be guaranteed grain shape).
       Cold laminating film  is made through the transparent PVC back glue, same as the Double-sided adhesive theory, two-story, namely the mounting film and glue protective film, tear tape adhesive surface protection film after cold cover can be posted on the paper surface. Recommended special laminating machine, or prone to bubble to stick, the film is difficult to tear the paper attached to the rear, the operation is not careful prone to waste film. Press the texture of the membrane surface protective film can be divided into film, matte film, matte film, Star Magic film, radium and special textures, large-scale use in advertising is film, matte film, matte film. Cold laminating film by hand or cold laminating machine mounted on the cover photo print screen, prevent screen (the printing surface) is scratched, contaminated or wet, play a protective role in the picture. Mounted equipment costs about 7-15 yuan / square.

       Coating with liquid leaching solution is poured through a lamination machine to the rear with a thickness of about 0.04 cm paper coating after drying became the paper's surface protective film. Lin Mo distinguishing their use aqueous and oily Laminating Laminating.
        Lin Mo aqueous solvent is primarily water, drying by infrared, or natural dry. Laminating aqueous liquid poured in after the paper surface, the surface protective film is formed after complete evaporation of water inside. Aqueous Laminating advantage lies in production safety, environmental protection, lamination effect has difficult to break, abrasion resistance and resistance to chemical corrosion and so on.
        To note the following when using water-based Laminating:
1. viscosity control. In the coating process, it must be reasonable to control the viscosity and solids content of liquid lamination. Therefore, diluted only in the range of certain solids. Laminating aqueous liquid diluent generally use of ethanol and water at a ratio of 1: 1 mixture of viscosity reduction effect is obvious, should be strictly controlled.
2. Select the paper type. Thick good dimensional stability, tissue poor dimensional stability. If the paper is Laminating product is 90 grams or less, to be used with caution aqueous liquid lamination.

        Laminating oily liquid solvents are mainly UV photosensitive resin, only drying by ultraviolet light. After lamination wear-resistant rub, long-term use in the infrared, ultraviolet, laser or other dark clouds and pH ecological or physical and chemical environment, the main advantage of oil and water-based laminating Laminating compared: oily Lin Mo After finished more water, sun, moisture, no deformation, anti-aging, anti-UV, high yield, and non-destructive image, repeat repeated lamination.
        Machine wash: the use of water-based lamination, after each use of the machine should be cleaned, otherwise affect the performance of the machine was dry lamination or clogged pump. Laminating oily liquid when the time does not work needs cleaning, regular cleaning and maintenance such as daily work. Either water or oil, cleaning fluid manufacturers recommend using a lamination configuration of special cleaning fluid or ask Lin Mo manufacturers. Under normal circumstances, Lin Mo oily liquid used alcohol to clean, water-based laminating tap water was available.

Laminating and mounted film compare:
        Effect of the product on the surface, can produce a variety of texture effects lamination, can be changed into a pattern lines by way of Kun. Compared with the mounted film lamination transparent degree of increase more than 15 percent, Lin Mo liquid can be recycled, easy lamination without waste, fast and inexpensive, and easy to produce waste, not in the photo There bubble phenomenon; it all Lengbiao and laminating machine can not do.

Oily lamination, aqueous coating lamination and compare:
        Laminating than cold laminating film photo film photo quality, brightness, sharpness, etc. are far beyond the effects of cold laminating films, and the oily liquid lamination is even higher than the aqueous liquid lamination picture clarity, through Laminating oily photo bubbles in the water, never afraid of water.

Cost analysis:
       Lamination liquid lamination at an amount of 3-5 grams / square meter, which means that the actual cost of 0.2-0.5 yuan / square meter.
       Traditional cold laminating film roll is 140 yuan (30 m length * width 0.6 m), at a cost of 7.5 yuan / square; laminating machine costs portrait of 3-5 yuan / square. Crystal film even more than 10 yuan / square.
       Heat-mounted film: mounted equipment cost about 0.8 yuan / square.

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